Timely And Accurate Diagnosis

Speed and accuracy are critical in diagnosis and administration of the right counsel and treatment to a patient. At Prince Court Medical Centre, the Department of Pathology is the important link in providing high quality, patient-oriented diagnostic services that conform to international standards. Our pathology and laboratory workforce comprises of qualified and experienced personnel and current instruments and equipment are used. We continuously strive to ensure that all guidelines and requirements – both international and local – are complied with to ensure a consistently high level of service to patients.

The delivery of test results are benchmarked against specified Turnaround time (TAT). Often, in diagnosis of a medical complaint, time is of the essence, and our systems and procedures are in place to ensure that not a moment is wasted in channeling the relevant information to the right source.

How Do We Manage A Consistently Efficient Service?

Our Total Hospital Information System links every department in the hospital, so that there is instant always-on connection between the relevant personnel. Requests for diagnostic services are made online and a comprehensive patient filing system with a single unique code used throughout. The system drastically reduces incidences of human error because the process is virtually automated. Furthermore, the modern equipment used enables several tests to be conducted simultaneously on a single machine, reducing handling and the likelihood of error. The level of accuracy is thus vastly improved and our personnel are there to oversee the procedures to ensure that the steps are correctly executed.

What Are Some Of The Services We Provide?

We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic and laboratory services. Here are just some of them.

Chemical Chemistry

These are the more common tests to determine the levels of electrolytes, blood glucose, liver enzymes, lipids, cholesterol, uric acid and other substances in a patient’s systems.

Immunology & Serology

These tests include measurement of hormone levels, viral antigen and antibody screening, cancer markers and other indications.


The full range of blood tests include blood film examination or assessment, bone marrow examinations as well as a host of other immunohaematology tests.

Medical Microbiology

Our laboratory can also isolate and identify pathogenic microorganisms and antimicrobial susceptibility testing to aid in patient therapy.

Histology & Cytology

Available tests include histopathological examination of tissues, fluids and other suitable samples using conventional staining and also immunohistochemistry staining.


Chromosomal analysis includes the detection of chromosomal anomalies using conventional methods as well as the more specific and sensitive Fluorescence –in-situ Hybridizations (FISH) method.

At Prince Court Medical Centre, we’re committed to providing one of the best high quality pathology services to our clients. We strongly believe in keeping abreast with developments to improve quality, patient safety and efficiency.